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Illustration by P Page after the Garter stall plate.


Arms: Argent a Lion rampant Sable.

Crest: A Soldan's Head Sable a torse Azure about the brow.





One of the Founders of the Order of the Garter, he fought at the siege of Calais and at the Battle of Crécy, and again in 1349 in France.

He was involved in the referral for arbitration to the Pope some disputes between France and England. When Philip, brother of the King of Navarre, sought help to regain his lands in Normandy, Sir Miles was the experienced soldier who was sent to help, leading a force of 2000 to within a few miles of Paris until a truce was ought by the French. He was given an annuity of £100 for his services.

He married twice, his first wife Isolda dying after producing one son, who died without issue. His second wife was Joan, widow of Lord Strange of Knockyn, and daughter of Sir Oliver de Ingham, whose heir she was when her elder sister died.

He died at Ingham in about 1365, leaving another Miles as his heir.

Ken Mourin