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Arms: Azure three Ancient Crowns Or in chief a Castle of three domes Argent flying from each the Banner of St George the Port Sable Portcullis raised Or.

Crest: On a Wreath Argent Or and Azure issuing from clouds proper an Angel vested Argent mantled Azure winged and crined and crowned Or holding in the dexter hand an open book also proper edged bound and leathered Or.

Supporters: On either side a Lion guardant Or pendent from the neck by cords tasselled a Purse Azure and holding aloft with the interior paw an Ancient Crown Gold.

Motto: Do Different.

The Castle is taken from the Arms of Norwich. The three gold crowns are incorporated as the traditional emblems of East Anglia, being the crowns of St Edmund the first King of the East Angles; representing his sovereignty, martyrdom and innocence. (Rowland Bretton, "Coat of Arms", January 1964).

The Ancient Crown has only recently been so termed but it is a form of ancient diadem. It was first granted to the Heraldry Society in 1956.

The lions are the supporters not only because the University has a Royal Charter, but also because a lion appears in the Arms of Norwich. The lions are made peculiar to the University by their supporting by the interior paw a crown as in the arms. Also to commemorate the fact that Lord Mackintosh of Halifax was the University's first Chancellor, about the neck of each lion pendent from tasselled cords, there is a purse. This appeared in Lord Mackintosh's own arms as an indication of the part he played in the National Savings Movement.

The Motto is a shortened version of the old saying of "people in Norfolk dew things different".